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Students Life

As a community of future leaders of the Christian Church; KBBCS seeks to maintain high standards of integrity in all areas of life; including academic work, ministry, and community relationships. Given these objectives, students are expected to maintain appropriate personal standards and use wise judgment in matters pertaining to personal conduct. With any set of community standards there may be particular elements with which some of its members could disagree.

Nevertheless, out of a desire to create and encourage an environment appropriate to its purposes, respect for its heritage, and concern for the values of its constituency, KBBCS has established several behavioral guidelines.

Dormitory Life

We are convinced that dormitory life can greatly contribute to a student’s spiritual growth. Living with students from various cultures will enhance their understanding of others and help them to develop an appreciation for all people. This warm environment provides an opportunity for each student to develop long lasting friendships.


Various activities are conducted throughout the year for student development such as: sports, cultural programs, games, patriotic celebrations, Missions conferences, International, national and regional days and seminars on various topics.

Devotional Life

The most important aspect of life for a student at KBBCS is his or her personal relationship with God. KBBCS seeks to provide an environment which encourages spiritual growth that is priority over academic and intellectual growth. In order to promote this, KBBCS provides a variety of programs and pursues various approaches designed to emphasize worship, spiritual discernment, and devotion to the Lord. Also, in an effort to assist in achieving these objectives, KBBCS desires that all activities be defined by an atmosphere of prayer so that not only during chapel services and prayer meetings, but also every class, every committee meeting, every task, and every ministry might become, by God’s grace, an avenue of spiritual blessing and growth to students.

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